About Allan Kendall Commercial Photographer

Having spent 18 Years working in the education sector as a media trainer & technician Allan has developed many of the skills needed to run a business, he can communicate with all age ranges and is always professional and friendly. Photography is his passion and after stumbling across a blog from a photographer who used to be in the Marines and had a bad accident up a mountain, he was inspired...

"I hit a snow covered ledge approx 150ft below my start position with a lovely large rock boulder on it. I hit this and sustained some quite serious injuries, mainly thanks to the boulder, broken ribs, upper leg, arm, pelvis separation and collapsed lung.... I would say that people often say that when you stare death in the face your whole life flashes before your eyes. I would disagree and say that I have talked with others since who have faced the same situation and I experienced reflection on all the things that I wished I had done but not, the things I wished I had said, the moments that I wished I had seized. In short the things that I would have done differently if I knew I would not have the time 'later' in life."

This Photographer decided to follow his dream and Allan is thankful that he did not have to go though such a life changing experience before making up his own mind to follow his love of photography (although I did break my collarbone riding my bike once).

My (brief) Story

Born in Manchester in 1978, grew up in Knutsford, Secondary School in Bristol, moved to Devon for Fathers job, Went to college in Barnstaple, joined bands, made music, set up sound systems, met beautiful wife in Somerset, moved to Weston-super-Mare, got married, had two awesome kids (see pic) 2 Cats (only one left now) and a mad Labrador called Betsy!

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