Allan Kendall Commercial Photography Pricing

It is often difficult to find pricing information on many photographers websites, one of the reasons is that each job is so individual it can be difficult to produce a 'set' price list. Additionally the 'usage' of the created images have to be taken into account. I have decided to give some pricing examples below with the hope that you will contact me for a firm quote.

Product photography rates

Two days on location at the clients factory, shooting various products for advertising (print & web) use. multiple angles, 'items in use' with hands showing and movement indicated with natural blur effects.

Portable studio setup with white background paper, multiple studio lights and tethered laptop for client viewing and selection of the captured work.

60 delivered images, processed colour corrected and cutout £655 - including limited print rights and broad web/social media usage.

PR photography rates

Press and Public Relations work - on location editorial (telling a story) photography - 40 mins on site, 3 setups with 14 images delivered.

Quick turnaround and 'in the Cloud' delivery. Head/eye replacement where requested (photoshop work).

£90 - including usage rights as requested by the client


Interior photography rates

Location Interior shoot for a kitchen manufacturing company - 2 to 3 hours on site, working with the client to showcase the workmanship of this bespoke kitchen. Portable studio lights and soft boxes are used to balance the light in the space and achieve consistent and accurate colour.

Digital contact sheet supplied with  153 unprocessed images - 43 selected by the client for processing and delivery.

£350 - including social media advertising and website rights.

Caveats: these prices are correct as of Feb 2019. Prices are subject to change and any similar packages may vary in price depending on the client requirements. Please email for further information.